Are There Properties Available?

Dorothy Martwick

Every day I hear people talking about there being no properties available to buy in northwestern ND. Is this true?

It is and it isn’t. There are properties selling every day. My office has had more closed transactions year to date in 2011 than any time in our 26 year existence. The truth is, properties are being listed, but they are selling quickly so the inventory is not what it has been in the past.

This makes it very important for buyers to be working with a Realtor. My best advice is for buyers to lay out exactly what they are looking for to a Realtor of their choice (pick one Realtor, do not work with several at the same time), get their financing all in place and be ready to act when a suitable property comes along.

I do realize that most very important decisions such as purchasing a home should not be made in a hurry, but our market is an exception. Buyers need to be ready to pounce on the perfect property at a decent asking price because there are other buyers out there who are ready.