With Buyers Everywhere, Why Do I Need a Realtor?

Dorothy Martwick

I would like to address a question that my Realtors and I are asked almost daily.  “With buyers everywhere why do I need a Realtor?”

Sellers probably need a Realtor now more than ever. While there are many buyers looking for properties, many of them have not taken the time to find out whether or not they even qualify to buy.  So they will be looking, looking, looking and might not even be able to purchase. These buyers can take up a lot of your time and keep your property from being exposed to actual qualified buyers. Realtors provide pre-screened, qualified buyers who are ready, willing and able to buy.

In my opinion another major reason to have a Realtor in this market or any market is that it is safer. The Realtor will meet the prospective buyer, find out about their financing and needs. You will not be letting random strangers into your home without knowing anything about them or their intentions.

And a third reason a Realtor is necessary in a real estate transaction is because Realtors are professionals trained and experienced to assist their client’s in the negotiation process. Realtors know the ins and outs of the required paperwork and disclosures.